Codex Beauty :: Bia - Product Application Videos


Proposal :: A series of videos detailing the application of each product in the Codex Beauty : Bia range based on Tracey's input on how best to use it.

After some research on the topic, we've found that introduction / tutorial style videos are dominated by the blogger style, single actor/talent chatting directly to camera about the product. This is prevalent from smaller bloggers right up to big celebrity names.

We feel that this is an opportunity for Codex to stand out from the crowd and do it's own thing; while also maintaining the natural style that has been it's signature from the start.

A studio shoot would best suit this project - somewhere we can control the light and get the skin looking it's best. Keeping everything light, bright and simple; we would shoot mostly medium and close up shots with clean white backgrounds with a few props/plants to break up the background. The key would be to not be too clinical with the shots and keep the natural movement, pacing and feel of the previous Codex photos and videos.

Barb suggested using some models with Tracey's expertise coming in as a voice over - there's a few options here;

Option A :: Lifestyle shots of the models using and displaying the products with Tracey's voice over expertise on how best to use.

Option B :: We shoot video of Tracey giving her tips and advice to camera and cut it in with the lifestyle shots of the models. Essentially the same as option A but we see Tracey in the video too.

Option C :: We have Tracey and the models sit in a circle on set and interact with each other, (sometimes called a 'roundtable' chat) with Tracey giving her tips and expertise on how to best use the products. This option will only work with outgoing models who are comfortable talking on camera. Helen suggested Holly White for this. I’ve shot with Holly before and she would be a perfect fit for this option.

Option D :: There is also the option of having Tracey's advice just appear onscreen as text and let the lifestyle shots of the models take precedence. This could be seen as the 'budget' option as there would be no need for audio recording at all on set for this.

Reference Videos ::

Video 01 has beautiful lighting - not too clinical but not too contrast-heavy either. It’s also a good example of a video with lots of information but no voice over.

Video 02 has a lot more of that natural style that suits the Codex brand.

Finances ::

  • As an example of a mainboard model fee, Li Ann Smal is a model we picked out as a potential candidate. Her fee is €1200 for a day shoot, this includes usage fee.

  • A studio shoot will make the best use of time and we won’t have to worry about weather. A full day in a studio in Dublin is in the range of €650-€1000 depending on the studio.

  • Deliverables ::

    5x Product videos less than 1min in length (Instagram ready), for each product

    5x portrait versions of each video, (for Instagram stories)

  • A more detailed estimate can be determined once the team have reviewed the above options.