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I sort of fell into filming. As a musician for many years, I borrowed my sister's camera while going on tour through Germany one winter. The results may not have been spectacular but the camera felt right in my hand. I was hooked. I loved the creative freedom and the depth of story that was possible from shooting moving images.

You develop a camaraderie with people when you perform onstage with them. I've missed that the last two years while freelancing as a one-man-band shooter/editor. Having to do it all really makes you appreciate having a team around you. I love what I'm doing and it's been an amazing learning curve but now I want more.

When I first saw your work I was blown away. I truly believe there's a lot I can bring to the team but it also genuinely excites me when I think of the amount I could learn working in a top-level agency like Bold.

I'd really appreciate if you could have a look at the above video to get an idea of some of my work. Thanks for taking the time to read / watch.