Codex Beauty :: Bia - Roundtable Shoot

Proposal :: A roundtable discussion setup is a great way to display the use of Codex products. A panel of Tracey, a blogger / social media personality (Holly White) plus two models will be shot in a circular fashion in a studio to capture an informal, laid back conversation about the products. We can touch on multiple topics, a list proposed by Ina is in the “Output“ section below.

Venue :: We have sourced a lovely studio in Dublin called Grey Area that would suit this style of shoot perfectly. It has concrete floors, with a mixture of brick walls and white painted walls. Our plan is to have a small “living room“ set in the middle of the space, but in keeping with Codex Beauty’s ethos of transparency, we feel that having the walls and set visible in the background will give a feel of authenticity and realness to the shoot. We can see light stands, equipment cases, brick walls etc in the background. It will be an informal setting, which will bring our audience closer to the action, and have them feeling more engaged.

Grey Area also offer set design and catering services, which will be great for keeping costs to a minimum.

Gráinne Walsh, the creative director at Grey Area, has put together a visual concept for the set design; we feel she has captured the feel and style we were hoping to capture for Codex Beauty in this space : clean, contemporary and modern but with a natural feel throughout.

Codex - Set 01.jpg

Output ::

A suite of ~10 videos (Social media friendly, all less than 1min in length). We can touch on multiple topics, with the following list proposed by Ina;

  • One intro video for each product in the Codex Beauty : Bia range, including the best way to apply each product.

  • Demo of “Your Perfect Skincare Routine” using Tracey's advice on what to apply, first to last.

  • Showcase the how to's, to include a brief when, where and how (Tracey often says after gardening she applies superfood, etc post shower still damp for face oil)

  • Incorporate multitasking of products -- one product applied in various ways (for Skin Superfood, face oil mixed with foundation, eye gel with a concealer etc)

We would also like to take advantage of the informal nature of the setup and capture spontaneous short conversations to include topics such as;

  • Environment, conservation and Codex Beauty’s ethos regarding renewable sources. We can touch on the Codex packaging, and ingredients used in the products themselves.

  • Vegan-friendly products.

  • Codex Beauty transparency and clinical trials.

  • Codex Beauty’s patented preservative system.

  • If the participants are comfortable with it, perhaps they could chat about skin issues they might have / have had and how Codex Products might be able to help.

Delivery ::

Delivery will be made online - in downloadable form - standard h.264 mp4 files, below 100Mb (as per Ina’s request).

  • All videos in 1920 x 1080 (16:9 aspect ratio)

  • All videos in a 1080 x 1080 (1:1 aspect ratio) Instagram-friendly version also.

Estimating that the shoot take place near the beginning of September (2nd/3rd/4th Sep) first draft edits should be ready for feedback by September 13th.


Crew ::

Director of Photography - €675

B-Cam Operator - €450

Camera Assistant - €200

Audio Engineer - €400

Make up Artist - €400

Hair Stylist - €500

Stylist - €750

Crew total :: €3,375

Talent* ::

Li Ann Smal - €1,200

Second model to be decided upon - estimated mainboard model from Morgan Agency - €1,200 - €1,500

*Holly White’s fee is unknown and hasn’t been included in this estimate. As discussed previously, Codex Beauty can organise briefing The Publicity Loft on the project and obtaining her fee for ongoing work.

Studio :: Full day in Grey Area Studio - €550

Rental Equipment :: Lights, Stands, Extra Camera Dep/Audio equipment needed for multiple subjects - €800

Set Design :: Provided by Grey Area, this will depend on final choices for furniture / set and includes sourcing props and furniture, hire and transport, set up etc. - min €1,500

Catering :: Provided by Grey Area as well, buffet lunch for 7 Crew + 4 Talent - €275

Pre-Production :: Sourcing models / quotes / studio visit / pre-production meetings + planning - €500

Misc / Contingency :: €500

Post-Production ::

Estimated 3.5 days edit ( includes basic grade, basic graphics and 3 revisions. Further edits after that and/or major revision edits will require further editing budget.) - €2,360

Music Licence :: International, Perpetuity - €50 (more music tracks will require further licences)


Grand Total Estimate :: €12,635

With the nature of this shoot, certain costs will have to be covered upfront (Studio, catering, set design, models, rentals) so an upfront fee of €4750 is needed to cover these costs.